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Frankfurt am Main May 31. 2022

  • Trade show and event industry growth area for XR applications

  • Companies increasingly want offerings with "augmented realities" for their brand staging

  • Global strategic partnership covers development and marketing of XR applications

Vodafone and E3 WORLD, a medium-sized services group with companies for exhibitions, events and environments, are entering into a strategic partnership for the development and marketing of extended reality (XR) applications for trade fairs and events. The common goal of both companies: to drive digital transformation in the industry. The collaboration will bring in existing XR applications from Vodafone as well as develop new solutions that will then be used exclusively for E3 WORLD customers worldwide. This will be the case at customers' trade fair presences and events, but also increasingly in the so-called "pre- and post-phases" of an event.

As one of the leading telecommunications groups, Vodafone GmbH is contributing its technology expertise to the collaboration. "Thanks to our 5G infrastructure, XR applications become visual and acoustic experiences through which content is perceived holistically. They are the ideal interface for new digital realities for brands and thus for the creation of entirely new brand experiences. For the exhibition and event industry, this is exactly what it's all about," says Alexander Saul, Director Enterprise Business at Vodafone GmbH Germany. For Vodafone GmbH, it was a logical next step to look for a partner company to develop and distribute XR applications for the trade fair and event industry. Both companies are united by their strategic and content-related understanding of the topic as well as a common digital vision for the industry.

In the area of Live Marketing Solutions, E3 WORLD offers Bluechip customers and leading medium-sized companies a comprehensive creative offering in the areas of communication, digitalization and realization. Companies are increasingly requesting opportunities to use their own trade show booth or event as an interface for digital corporate content and extend it beyond the physical boundaries. "Digital content at trade shows or events has been around for a while, of course. Brand experiences have, in terms of space, however, still had clear physical boundaries. We are increasingly hearing from our customers that they would like to extend this space in terms of content," reports Marc Matern, Managing Director of the two E3 brands ET GLOBAL and KECK. "We then talk about an 'augmented reality and optimal connectivity of the exhibition'. To implement this, we need a technology partner who has the understanding of the matter and can implement it together with us worldwide - we now have this partner on our side with Vodafone."

Through its partnership with Vodafone GmbH, E3 WORLD finds itself internationally positioned for the future in this area. "In addition to the technology expertise, it was crucial for us that the cooperation with Vodafone, as a global player, will provide great added value, especially for our international customers," says Joern Trierweiler, CEO of E3 WORLD. "Combined with our industry expertise and customer understanding, we should be able to very quickly develop XR applications, which include augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) applications, in a targeted manner and to successfully bring them to life together with our customers."

"We are very excited to partner with E3 WOLRD," says Alexander Saul. "We're especially looking forward to seeing how our technology creates an augmented reality around people, enriching lives with new content - and more directly: leading to a greater brand experience and, in turn, greater brand loyalty and sales."