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Towards showcasing mobility

For many years, the International Motor Show in Frankfurt has been viewed as the symbol of the automotive industry’s future.  New technologies, trends and mobility solutions are premiered every year at the IAA.

Visitors from across the globe attend the show to gain insight on the latest automotive technologies and concept cars.  This year, under the “Driving Tomorrow” banner, the organizers want to position the International Motor Show as a global platform for new mobility approaches.


The IAA in the face of change

Whoever wishes to showcase new automotive trends must ensure that they are presented accordingly. While large German manufacturers will be present at this home, some renowned brands from across the globe have decided not to make the trip to Frankfurt this year.  Even if the IAA gives mobility start-ups the opportunity to pitch their solutions to decision-makers, some new electronics start-ups will not be attending.

The question is whether a trade show such as the IAA efficiently meets the current needs of the automotive industry anymore. Of course, the first issue too consider is the cost-benefits aspect of the show. Indeed, large corporations question the profitability of their participation and whether they will even reach their target public there.


An experience, not a display

Indeed, the upcoming generation of car-buyers demand more from a show than the simple display of vehicles. Millennials want a hands-on experience, they want to feel the brands – not just look at them.  The core of the issue is image, staging and brand experience.

The automotive and tech industries are gradually merging, leading automotive manufacturers to attend digital events joining start-ups and renowned innovators more often than before, with the aim of reaching their target groups. You meet the Y and Z generations online, not at traditional motor shows. This precisely why the IAA will be organizing a more interactive, networked and digital event.


Live marketing is the solution

Real live marketing is the solution for the IAA. The goal is to transform simple visitors into active users, promote interaction with the brands and turn passive viewers into hands-on participants. This is the only way the IAA can reach its goal: to turn mobility into a live experience at the Frankfurt show. 

The event will not be presented as the largest car showroom in the world; instead, it will transform into a showcase of mobility. It is clear that interactive live marketing is the right way to go. The fact is that whoever wants to sell the latest mobility technologies must also apply the latest mobile technologies and most innovative live marketing solutions to stage their brands.