E3 Group Announces Recapitalization

Frankfurt am Main, May 07, 2020

E3 Group today announced the successful completion of a capital raise by funds advised by Pemberton Capital Advisors LLP (“Pemberton”). Pemberton has been a partner of E3 Group since 2018 and will become sole shareholder, providing E3 Group with significant new growth capital. E3 Group, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, is a leading creative and execution platform in the exhibitions, experiences and events industries, serving customers globally.

Patrick Soschinski announced that he will step down as CEO after 15 years of successfully managing E3 Group. He will remain in amicable contact with the company and the global E3 team. E3 Group and Pemberton thank him for his significant contributions to the business and his leadership in building one of Europe’s leading event management companies with strong market positions in Germany, the US, Dubai and South-East Asia.

Joern Trierweiler, who has been with E3 Group as COO since the beginning of 2020, will become CEO. MrTrierweiler commented: “I am very much looking forward to continuing the company’s growth path. Despite the challenges posed by the impact of COVID-19, the market potential for events and exhibitions remains exciting and attractive. We are positioning E3 Group to emerge as the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers when markets reopen. I am confident we can continue our successful development thanks to the innovative and customer-centric service offering, our dedicated employees and the strong partnership with Pemberton.”

Financial details of the recapitalization were not disclosed.